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What's Been Said
About Dg Over The Years

Jack D. Bowlin Jr., MSgt, USAF - Dormitory Section STA - 3731 PPS SQ (ATC)

SSgt Garcia is an exceptional and outstanding NCO. Due to her courageous act in saving a trainee from suicide, she received the Meritorious Achievement Medal for Heroism. Her selfless act prevented the trainee from jumping off a roof. SSgt Garcia's ability to recognize potential problems and take charge of the situation before it becomes a crisis is noteworthy. She is sincerely interested in the trainees' issues and therefore, they express complete confidence in her and openly seek her advice. SSgt Garcia has proven herself to be a topnotch NCO by her dedication, exceptional leadership, managerial skills, and initiative.

Darwin J. Tessmer, GS-5, DAF - Management Administrator 3700 Air Base Group (ATC)

SSgt Garcia is an outstanding Administrative Orders Specialist. She contributed to the Administrative Orders Section by revising the Center Supplement to AFR 10-7, Administrative Orders, modifying the procedures on preparing all TDY orders. Her administrative skills helped reduce the consumption of energy, both on and off base, by organizing energy conservation programs. SSgt Garcia has consistently contributed her time and energy to support several base activities promoting the welfare and morale of both military and civilian personnel.

Larry Irby Freelance Writer - (Sacramento Bee) 2004

The Elk Grove Community Services District (EGCSD) ought to name a park for Dg, Dannetta Garcia because she is a poster child for her fearless involvement in local community and governmental affairs. I am sure the Elk Grove City Council and all who love good government will miss Dg!

Judith Hoefling - LVWS President, Sacramento

Dannetta Garcia Nominated for Governors Award for Volunteerism

It was a privilege for LWVS to submit a Governors Award for Volunteerism nomination form to the State League seeking to recognize Dannetta Dg Garcia for her service as LWVSs Vice President of Voter Services. With special thanks to Hazel Bergtholdt for preparing and submitting the application, Dgs unwavering dedication to the mission of the Leagues Voter Service division was carefully detailed.

Dg's expertise as a moderator, and her abilities inorganizing ballot presentations, candidate forums, and voter drives are presently unrivaled. And her success in the first non-election year registration drive in the communities of Oak Park, Del Paso Heights, and Meadowview, have clearly shown how one individual can step forward and truly benefit the entire community. She is a hero to us all, and we are grateful for all of her support, guidance, and very worthy achievements.

James R. Faulkner, Capt., USAF - Commander, 3731 PPS

Wing/Base, NCOIC, Master Reference Library Maintenance Specialist. Sgt Garcia maintains the Base Master Reference Library and the Publications Management Branch files. She prepares the Center Bulletin and the commands correspondence. She edits the Base operating instructions and performs staff surveillance visits, conducts training for Lackland personnel, and assists other agencies in the total inventory of their publications libraries.

Bill Jones - Secretary of State

Recently I received a complimentary letter from Mary Anne Bolwen of Selman & Breitman, regarding your outstanding support and service. At this time, I would like to personally thank you on the fine representation you provided on behalf of the Secretary of States office and, specifically, to the Corporate Filing Division.

Walter N. Ague, Lt Colonel, USAF - Chief, Base Administration - 3700 Air Base Group (ATC)

Sergeant Garcia has consistently demonstrated all the personal attributes, which we expect of our Noncommissioned Officers. She has learned to follow; therefore, we should provide her the opportunity to lead. She would be an exceptional candidate for officer status.

Pete Wilson, Office of The Governor - State of California

I want to personally thank you for volunteering to be a part of the Christmas in April National Work Day, held this past April 30th in Sacramento. I was proud to sponsor the renovation of Cora Players home, and was pleased that it turned out to be a successful project. It was a project made possible through the work of people like you who contributed your time, energy, and talents to this effort.

It was a true community endeavor that reflected an admirable spirit of neighbor helping neighbor. Thats the type of spirit that not only builds houses, but builds friendships and a stronger community in this case in Sacramentos Oak Park neighborhood. I applaud you for your hard work and for your commitment to making a difference here in the River City. I hope youll be out there again next year as a part of the Christmas in April 1995 National Work Day. Thanks again, Dannetta, and please accept my best wishes for every future happiness and success.

Sam W. Swofford, Ed. D. - Executive Director - California Commission on Teacher Credentialing

I enjoyed the article about your stellar efforts to have a positive influence on the Elk Grove City Council. The Sacramento Bee story certainly captured how much the community leadership values you. The Commission is so proud of you!

Constance V. Conley

As an activist, Ms. Garcia believes strongly in what she is doing for the community. . .

Her messages and viewpoints are heard and felt at council meetings, speaking on topics not only of interest to her but to other citizens. She is as well known for her opinions as she is for her integrity and honesty; never losing sight of what is best for Elk Grove. Citizens look to her for her guidance, her leadership, her candor, and her unbiased impartiality. She encourages every citizen to be active in the community, spreading democracy, as she is known to say, "This is America."

Joseph Kohut, Colonel, USAF - Base Commander - 3700 PPS Resources Group (ATC)

SSgt Garcia is an outstanding NCO with great potential. She organized and supervised programs and procedures to enhance personnel processing. Recommend her promotion to Technical Sergeant

Ray Curiel, TSgt, USA - Dormitory Superintendent - 3731 PPS SQ (ATC)

SSgt Garcia is a dedicated NCO and has excelled as a Dormitory STA. Her outstanding ability to motivate has improved morale among the airmen assigned to her dorm. Her positive attitude and devotion to duty exemplify traits desired of professional members of the United States Air Force. Promote this outstanding NCO at the earliest possible date.

The city will get $52 million - The Sacramento Bee, 07/2000

Elk Grove will collect $52 million in state revenues over a span of seven years, thanks to the newly registered voters, Dannetta Garcia told the City Council Wednesday. Garcia, voter service director of the League of Women Voters, touched off at least three rounds of applause during her presentation at the Robert L. Trigg Education Center. "The voter registration campaign was a success," Garcia said.

Based upon (state) legislation, the city will receive state allocated funds apportioned from motor vehicle license fees and highway-users tax in an estimated amount of $52 million over the next seven years, because of Garcia's efforts. "It was not, however, accomplished by clicking our heels or twitching our noses. Rather it was because of our community commitment and pride. It's money that the city will receive because of our determination and our voices. Our voices will help us make democracy work, one voter at a time," Garcia said.

Carrie Grip, Executive Director - Rebuilding Together with Christmas in April - Serving the Greater Sacramento Area

Rebuilding Together

At Rebuilding Together, we do everything we can to improve independence, comfort, and safety to ensure that low-income residents, particularly those who are elderly, disabled, and families with children, can live independently. Dg epitomizes the mission of our organization as the Volunteer House Captain Coordinator, serving on the community projects. She understands that the sound of a drill means safety and independence for a senior a hammer implies support for a disabled person. A saw means pride and renewal in a deteriorated neighborhood. Rebuilding Together is thankful to Dg for her commitment to the mission and the organization that preserves and revitalizes houses and communities.

Assembly Resolution by the Honorable Alan Nakanishi
10th Assembly District; Relative to Commending
Dannetta Garcia

Whereas, Dannetta Garcia is deserving of special public commendations in recognition of her commitment as an Advisory Team member to the Joint Committee on Preparing California for the 21st Century and for her faithful effort and service toward the development of the California State Legislatures Goal . . .

Whereas, Our Joint Committee on Preparing California for the 21st Century convened an Advisory Team comprising Californians from across the state to assist us in drafting a set of Principles of Inclusion, which were created to help frame public dialogue on the meaning and implications of our changing demographics and to promote an inclusive state; and

Whereas, Our Advisory Team provided, and our Joint Committee on Preparing California for the 21st Century adopted, its Principles of Inclusion; now, therefore, be it Resolved by Assembly Member Alan Nakanishi, That Dannetta Garcia be extended deep appreciation for her dedication and contributions to the people of the State of California, and conveyed best wishes for continued success in the future.

Member Resolution No. 812

Dated this 31st day of March, 2003

Honorable Alan Nakanishi

10th Assembly District


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