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Public and Governmental Relationship Building

David Matthews wrote: "Change relations between citizens and officeholders and you accomplish so much more. Officeholders are sometimes as frustrated by their relationship with citizens as citizens are with them. However, if the often-counterproductive relationship between people and the government is going to change, citizens are going to have to reach out - by insisting on a different kind of dialogue. The citizens will create the governments they want to see lead them, and governments then must recognize that they do not develop citizens."

Those words are like music to my ears because they offer opportunities to understand why the voice of the people and the interactions they have with their government is as important as the discussions they will have when both parties engage in constructive dialogue. We need to create innovative settings for a better exchange of ideas and information than the usual hearings and workshops tend to produce. The full participation of both the citizenry and the government is a must. The conversations must be consistently transparent, whether the thoughts, or ideas are shared or not. They must all be valued and appreciated - where everyone is actively participating equally, and the message between the two is indistinguishable. Then the only result is what is in the best interest and the well-being of the community as a whole.

Where questions are raised, answers provided, and when what matters has seen the light, where all that happens afterward is the reward. The more we know!


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