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Public Transportation

Liberty Lake continues to grow. It is no coincidence that the major projects that we have in this city are related to our transportation infrastructure. Whether you are on Harvard Road bridge, Henry Road overpass, or Barker Road at the roundabout, finding the most effective and efficient way to move people in cars, buses, or on bikes in a shared roadway fashion, has been the goal. Where linking people to sites and resources to opportunities, safely and reliably is the desired outcome.

However, education and information to and from our community voices remain the essential elements that make any and every project work. Educating the general public on the use of set-aside funding (funds saved or set aside for a particular purpose) must be entertained - especially in the area of transportation. Liberty Lake will have to continue to experiment with innovative ways to support its transportation infrastructure plans moving forward and beyond. Financing can be tricky, as in the case of the LIFT (Local Infrastructure Funding Tool) program. Its goal is to stimulate economic growth and development, but Liberty Lake needs to continue to be diligent because infrastructure projects CAN BREAK THE BANK - proceed with caution.

Liberty Lake and all of our regional partners are moving straight ahead, focusing on the improvements well in advance of completion. It’s all about education and information – who controls the power of the purse; where does the money come from to support the necessary projects? Ensuring that our budget is hefty enough in areas where it is needed most to accommodate our plans — taking the next step to bring about innovative change, creating opportunities to participate in future regional revenue sharing efforts, and revenue-generating prospects through incentive programs have to be topics of conversation. We need to be ready, and all the signs are pointing to our abilities to make things happen, but we have to continue to be innovative. Thinking outside the box will be vital to all of our future successes.


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