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Veteran Ombudsman:

There may be a veteran or military service member living in every neighborhood of our Liberty Lake Community. So many veterans in the community continue to have a difficult time navigating life as we know it. Not receiving the proper assistance they need because the nearest facility, center, or service, seems too far away – particularly when they are facing life challenges. That is why it is so important to provide these individuals with a local ombudsman (support service) who will be available to provide much-needed assistance – acting on behalf of the veteran and in concert with veteran administrative services – where counseling, outreach, and referral support exists right here at home. Veterans, whether we know one or not, demonstrated their genuine commitment to service when they wore the uniform and, in their hearts, today. Let us show them how important their health and well-being mean to us and let us translate those sentiments into actions that show how much we care.

Senior Citizens Ombudsman:

Ever wondered if an HOA could impose a $12,000 assessment on their neighbors - each neighbor individually? However, when it is time to vote, the assessment amount has changed and been raised to $15,000, per household, and the first time you find out about the change is after you have received the ballot- on the day the vote is rendered. Imagine having to place your name and address on your ballot before handing it in for the votes to be counted - only to find out that your vote is not private and everyone knows who did or did not support the proposed assessment. Imagine if you vote NO. Imagine becoming a target because of your vote. Imagine being told that "you can make no comments, the issue is not up for discussion, and if you fail to vote for the assessment, you will be hurting your neighbors."

Imagine the representative agent from your management company explaining to the Board that this is a precarious position and the community should have choices when making such a big decision - but trying to get everything done is their only objective, or only [goal] in town. Imagine that several months later, an additional assessment of $3750 is proposed and passed, because they explain, they didn’t ask for enough the first time the assessment was presented for a vote. Suddenly the imposed assessment is $18,000+. Imagine the promise of a payment plan but seven months into the process, no such terms of the payment plan have been adopted, and residents are left waiting for a decision to be rendered and put in concrete terms. However, the $18,000+, individual assessment is due and payable in less than twenty-one days.

Imagine having no idea what to do or how to manage to find funding to accommodate such a demand on your income, retired or not. Imagine others feeling the same way you do but were and are just as afraid as you to say something - until they cave and give in - still not knowing where they are going to get the money. Imagine the stress this can cause. Imagine voting YES out of fear, only to find out that the fiduciary agents were less than transparent about facts presented to them. Unthinkable, or is it? Imagine.

These types of situations do not have to happen, especially to one of the most vulnerable populations in our community – seniors represent approximately 34% or more of the voting population. The question is: Could this be considered a predatory practiced? Alternatively, just an honest mistake? Imagine there may have been other ways to find solutions to remedy some of the projects over time - not forever in time, but in a reasonable amount of time without causing unrest within the HOA community.

That is why we should all be committed to finding a clear and convincing way to establish an ombudsman to provide a voice for the voiceless. Not every senior citizen will experience any of these situations or alleged abuses, however, if an ombudsman can be called on to help any senior, anywhere, to navigate stressful situations similar to the ones described above, then they will be worth their weight in gold. Ombudsmen will add value to the extent that their primary purpose is to ensure the goal and promise to "Do No Harm.” It is the commitment to duty, to honor, to serve those who have served and those who deserve the service.


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