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Infrastructure is an issue of great importance to the community of Liberty Lake. From the addition of new homes and businesses to the handling, maintenance, and upkeep reflected in its aesthetic appearance. All of which can add to, or subtract from, its vitality.

The city is duty bound to implement its comprehensive plan, as part of the Growth Management Act, but it must also pay close attention to what is allowed, what is permissible, acceptable, sanctioned, suitable, and more critical to what is approved, versus what is merely allowable – what might be tolerated. There is a distinct difference.

Concern for infrastructure doesn't stop there. The issue of funding any project is the objective. The city must continue to work proactively to secure funds necessary to make improvements happen. However, what if those funds are not adequate to continue to move a project forward? The government must ensure a well thought out plan before ANY project is allowed to move forward. The community must communicate with the government on EVERY project. The government must communicate with each other and discuss the associated issues before any signal to begin, should a project be accepted and approved. The government must communicate equally with its regional, state, and local partners, until the last [I] is dotted, and the remaining [t] is crossed, and everyone who had a seat at the table also had a say.

We must insist that the city continues to promote the quality of care not only for its building structures but for its green landscapes and at the same time for protecting its wildlife areas, its parks, and its recreational facilities.

All of these are part of a sound and robust infrastructure model. The implied guarantee that the standards we have set early on beginning with incorporation must be the same standards we strive to meet as we grow. However, if we need to change or amend those standards to meet the times, then we will, we must. However, not to the detriment of the community, or its business partners.

Each element of our infrastructure is essential on its own, but in concert, they make Liberty Lake, not just a premiere city because that is what we like to refer to it as, but a premiere city because that is what it is!


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