Dg Garcia

An Intro

Dg is someone who will walk the walk and talk the talk, as she focuses on the entire spectrum of the many contributing voices in Liberty Lake. She will continue to be fair, brave, and honest in her approach to promoting a healthy climate for jobs, a strong economy for the welfare and betterment of the community and the continuous improvement of the quality of life for everyone in Liberty Lake - no matter which area of the community they live. She will bring to the table areas of expertise on community and governmental relationship building to strengthen the community's path to the excellence they want to achieve. She will continue the positive efforts made by the prior, current, and future leaders, in the areas of police and fire resource funding, infrastructure, and public transportation.

Dg is determined to preserve the dignity of both our veterans and senior citizens as they navigate their life-altering decisions, one issue at a time while ensuring that their work-life-play, balance, allows them to age gracefully in place. She is confident that the city she calls home will remain a place where safe and healthy communities value people. Dg is ready and committed.

Vote Dg Garcia, City Council Position 1.

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Platform Topics

Public Safety

  • Police and fire resource funding
  • General welfare
  • Infrastructure

  • Cautious planning with smart growth
  • Investing taxpayer money wisely

  • Public Transportation

  • Options on how we get around
  • Forward thinking: Innovation

  • Public & Government
    Relationship Building

  • The More We Know

  • Veterans & Senior Citizens
    Support Services

  • Establish a local ombudsman

  • Listen to Dg's Podcast:


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